“I use the vitamins every day and face washes.  I have had massive bouts of acne for years.  Did two rounds of accutane with no change. Was on minocyclene for years with no hope of getting off a daily dose.  I am normally super skeptical about a non dermatologist sponsored approach but this product worked for me.” — Damon W. | Tigard, OR

“My favorites are the RE9 Advanced Eye Creme, Day Creme and Night Creme.  I really love the night cream as it feels weightless and I don’t wake up with oily/dry spots.  I feel pretty even (without it my cheeks get dry; forehead, nose and chin feel oily).  I love (about all of them) that a very little goes a long way.  I use them morning and night and my supply lasts at least 5 months.  Makes it worth the money for sure. I love that they changed the packaging to more eco-friendly.” — Anna A. | Seattle, WA

“I wanted to share my dad’s story with you.  He just turned 69 and has had very serious problems with the skin on his hands for nearly 10 years.  He has seen countless doctors, from General Practitioners to Allergist to Dermatologist.  No one has ever been able to give him a definitive answer as to what his skin problem is.  They have thought it could be allergies, so he had a myriad of allergy testing done and took allergy medication.  They thought it could be eczema and prescribed creams to treat that condition.  They even thought it could be psoriasis.  None of the treatments worked.  Needless to say, he’s felt miserable a lot of the time because the skin on his hands hurts so much.  This past Christmas I bought him some of the FC-5 Hand Lotion.  I have used it for several years and think it’s the best hand lotion I have ever used.  I just got off the phone with my dad and he was calling to see if I could “get him some of that lotion I gave him for Christmas.”  He said he LOVES it and his hands feel so good now and he doesn’t want to run out.  I’m so happy he finally has relief from his discomfort that was at one time constant.  Thank you!” — Michele H.J | Thousand Oaks, CA

30 Days to Fit
weight loss ~ lower cholesterol for participants

“I am so amazed at how fantastic I feel on the detox regimen.  CF can attest to what a difficult time I have had trying to lose weight and this is just the right program for me. I lost 20lb in two weeks and I just can’t believe it! — I just started my second thirty days on the program. Not only have I lost a bunch of weight and feel awesome, but today I got lab results and for the first time in my whole life, all of my cholesterol numbers were in the normal range!!! Not only normal but in the mid to lower end of the normal range. This program is incredible! I am thrilled. My doctor is thrilled. I have a family history of heart disease and have been taking cholesterol medicine for 30 years.” — Sally R. | Santa Barbara, CA

“I started on February 25, 2013 weighing 229lb, and 45 – 45 – 47 (chest, waist, hips), I was taking Niacin to lower cholesterol and had plateaued after a year on Weight Watchers where I lost 20lb last year. Exactly 5 weeks later, I weigh 218lb and an down to 45 – 43 – 44, I am off the Niacin and have more energy than ever before! I just started my second month on the Fit Program and I cannot wait to see where I end this next 30 days! I am just 20lb away from goal weight – something I NEVER thought I would hear myself saying!” — Charles R. | Atascadero, CA

Here are the official results after 30 days, ending on June 4, 2013 :

Weight:  Removed 8.3 pounds

Chest:  Removed 1/2″

Waist:  Removed 1.5″

Hips:  Removed 2.5″

Thigh:  Removed 1/2″

The best part is I put on shorts for the first time this year, and they were so much looser than I remember – the pants are absolutely getting baggier and the tummy is much flatter – and I have not been able to exercise as consistently as usual, but I have made more progress in a month than when I was training for Ragnar and running 25 miles a week. —–Kristina G. | Camarillo, CA

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