Time Shows Up

So I ran into a friend at Target yesterday. I was there shopping for home supplies and she was in line for her prescription. I walked toward her to hug her but she paused me -- 'pneumonia...' she whispered hoarsely. This friend, I'll call her 'Kay' is one of the most inspiring people I know. … Continue reading Time Shows Up

The Storm before the Calm

You cannot plant seeds or plants into soil that hasn't been stirred up or amended. You cannot stick seeds for new growth into existing soil beds that already have plants growing. There is no space or nutrients for this new growth. In the same way in order for you to have growth, in order to … Continue reading The Storm before the Calm

Diary Entry 3/27/16

This is a few weeks after I wrote it, because I was unsure I wanted to share. Somehow in the past 48 hours, I have felt compelled to update my blog site and add some elements to it. And this is the first page that I opened to, after deciding to share some of my … Continue reading Diary Entry 3/27/16

New Year New You

In a recent email to my list that I wrote about goal setting and the New Year, I issued a challenge: What one single commitment can you make to yourself that we can promise to keep through the month of January into February (afterall it only takes 21 days to form a habit)? I suggested … Continue reading New Year New You