My Life Worth Living

Now what I live for is the sounds of the birds, the patterns of clouds, sunrises and sunsets, the smell of the roses my husband bought me for Valentines Day, the orchid bud that's beginning to open, the one that my 8 year old daughter and I have nurtured for half a year, the tapping of the birds at our feeder when its empty, the smell of incense burning in my home every day, the giggles of my children as I play tickle monster with them at the end of the day, the belly laughs I get when I make funny faces at them, the surprised smile on my husband's face when I say or do something that he doesn't expect, the playfulness that's come back into our relationship, the purring of my kitties as I make the time to sit on the floor and tickle and play with them and quality time with girlfriends who I love and adore.

Inner and Outer Problems

I attended a Buddhist meditation class last week. The teacher talked about inner and outer problems in a way that really resonated with me. Outer problems are the ones we have no control over- the ones that happen to us as a part of living our lives- our car breaks down or someone cuts us … Continue reading Inner and Outer Problems

The rainbow connection

I’m on a journey to find my pot of gold at the end of my rainbow- it’s been fraught with torrential showers and occasional peeks of sunshine- but yes- for the very first time I’ve been able to wrap my mind around a very seemingly impossible goal that is now shouting out to me- ‘Impossible’ simply means I’m possible!


G81-182213After a day crammed with taxing situations funneling through my queue, the most effective therapy involves picking up my guitar, strumming a few chords, and letting the lyrics flow from deep inside. I am magically transported to a different world where all tension and stress melt away. In these moments, a feeling of quiet serenity washes over me and life is good.

Sitting on the floor in our bedroom, back against the bed, guitar perched on my thigh, I look up to see my wife walking into the room. With a smile on her face she asks, “Do you take requests?” After issuing my standard disclaimer that any played song may not resemble the said requested song, she asks me to play The Rainbow Connection. The whosit whatsit?

I sheepishly admit that up until this very moment in my life, I had never really heard the song made famous…

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Lifestyle DIVA testimonial

Client Profile: 55 year old Male, 229lb, 40" waist, on Niacin to lower tryglicerides Meat n potatoes kinda guy Started Weight Watchers last year and lost 20lb all year and then plateaued. Arbonne 30 day fit program start date: 2/25/13 4/25/2013 Update (8 weeks) Off Niacin, 214lb - 38" waist, 100% increase in energy, increased … Continue reading Lifestyle DIVA testimonial